Protectionism and Personal Vendettas

The market conditions we are experiencing are largely the result of instability caused by the current administration. Our “free-market” president is imposing protectionist policies (such as tariffs) that are causing a widespread sell-off and increased volatility. Furthermore, Trump’s personal attack on Amazon (AMZN) due to the fact that he dislikes Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post is further confusing market sentiment, not just for this individual stock but for the tech sector and the overall market. As someone who invests heavily in tech stocks, I will rely on the ability of the market to eventually overcome the noise and hype that has been generated recently and ride this one out. I encourage others in a similar position to do the same thing as selling at this point will result in significant losses. Even if you are in leveraged positions, selling stocks that have taken large hits that are not the result of fundamentals or rational consumer sentiment would not be an ideal choice. Stay in if you are able to and refuse to accept what I call synthetic losses (those resulting from unsubstantiated claims and attacks on quality stocks) in order to overcome this recent turmoil.

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