Recent Market Trends Legitimize Crypotocurrencies

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks in the markets, as anyone who isn’t living in a cave knows. Extreme volatility has made the “legitimate” markets look as wild as the cryptocurrency markets. Now, after this wild ride, core NASDAQ stocks that have been on a constant upward run (such as Amazon) are relatively flat. Meanwhile, stocks that tend to track cryptocurrency trends are still up-and-down with cryptocurrency values and news that is either favorable or detrimental to the emerging global adaptation of both the currencies themselves and the blockchain.

Now tell me, dear readers, are the cryptocurrency markets still just a grotesque caricature of the “real” markets in a world where a Kylie Jenner tweet can erase ONE BILLION DOLLARS of value from Snapchat? Or are we just now beginning to understand that sentiment supersedes “real” measures of value such as a a company’s balance sheet, market cap, or their stock’s price/earnings ratio? Until we are in a position to look back with 20/20 hindsight, seize the day, relish the fact that you are living in a time when the traditional markets are adjusting to new trends, and invest wisely but with an open mind.

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