Investor Purchases $400M in Bitcoin

According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, an anonymous investor recently purchased $400 million in Bitcoin, increasing their total investment to over 96,000 coins and bringing the value of their portfolio to nearly $1.1 billion. This investor’s total gains at the time of the article’s publication stand at approximately $83 million. The investor had previously purchased around $827 million in Bitcoin in December.

With some experts predicting that the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2020 and others predicting that the price will fall to zero, this is definitely a highly speculative investment. As with many topics discussed in the media, the reality is probably somewhere in between these extremes. However, due to the anonymous nature of these transactions, we cannot be certain of who this person is and what they know that others may not. One thing is for certain, this investor (and others purchasing large amounts of the currency) are very bullish on Bitcoin!


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